12 Best Flashmob Proposals Ever Done

Flashmobs have been gaining popularity over the past few years and some of the best marriage proposals we’ve ever seen use this surprise performance as a way to pop the big question.

It’s a pleasant surprise when the unsuspecting girlfriend stumbles across what she thinks is a flashmob dance appearance and then as she begins to realize that the entire thing has been orchestrated just for her, well, she’s usually in tears by the time the man gets down to ask the question.

Here are some of the best flashmob proposals ever recorded, in no particular order.

A Surprise Live Lip-Dub Proposal You Can’t Stop Watching

We said this list is in no particular order…but this one is our favorite. And it’s not even a typical flashmob proposal – it’s all done with the help of some very well-coordinated friends and family.

The man enlists over 60 of his friends and family to orchestrate a fun, casual, but very intimate lip-dub for his marriage proposal. His girlfriend is invited out by his brother – who asks her to sit in the back of the car, put on headphones and listen to a song. The car begins to drive slowly and people begin to appear, dancing and following the car.

This is such a sweet proposal for all the effort that went into making it – both by the groom-to-be and all the family and friends who love the couple. You can tell everyone in the group is so happy for the couple, which makes this a better proposal than any professional dance team could.

Who Can Say “No” to a Breakdancing Flashmob?

A simple flashmob proposal during a day strolling and shopping around New York City – it’s the last thing she expected.

Love this proposal for the awesome dancers and the song selection.

Friends + a Fake Reporter = Surprise Proposal

This guy really planned. Well.

His unsuspecting girlfriend is on a walk with 2 of her friends when they bump into a reporter for “RoyaleTV” who casually asks them some questions and then asks the unsuspecting girlfriend to “stand over here” and rate the performance – at which point a troupe of dancers begin to dance.

The overall dance routine is a bit long, but the girlfriend has absolutely NO CLUE what is happening until the dancers form a big circle and her boyfriend comes rapping into the center.

The look of surprise on her face is priceless and she spends the rest of the time being rapped to trying to shyly hide her face behind the clipboard she’s given to rate the performance.

Very cute, really memorable marriage proposal. Love the special rapping touch added to the typical flashmob proposal.

A LSU College Student’s Surprise Flashmob Proposal

Absolutely love all the planning done by this guy to create the perfect proposal for his girlfriend. Instead of hiring a professional flashmob team, he has the ingenious idea to simply recruit a troupe of Freshmen for his proposal.

He trains them. He plans. He proposes.

The proposal is planned right in front of LSU’s spacious Memorial Tower and set so that his girlfriend just believes they’re taking a walk. Suddenly, a mass of people in matching school colors come marching in and surround the couple – they all freeze – and her boyfriend walks around lip syncing their favorite song.

Absolutely love the exciting vibe of the people who came together to make this happen, and that this was all done by regular folk – college freshies, at that :). Especially love how the boyfriend went through all the coordinating details himself. A for effort and execution!

Casual Fun Flashmob Beachside Proposal

This is the cutest proposal.

First of all – it’s on the beach. Second of all – it’s a complete surprise. But what we really love is how it’s the couple’s friends who perform the flashdance. The girlfriend is super excited pointing out members of the dancing group and exclaiming how she knows them. Really cute.

Also, the song selection is the perfect match for the whole scene – Colbie Caillat’s <em>I Do. </em>

Love the fun, casual vibe of the whole thing – and the scenery, of course, helps 🙂

A Proposal at 30,000 Feet Above Ground

This is a cute, creative flashmob proposal video. The song – Bruno Mars Marry You – is a much-done, popular pick but what makes this particular proposal stand out is the fact it’s all done 30,000 feet in the air.

Much props to this team of flashmob dancers who managed to maneuver – in style – in the much-too-narrow aisles of the plane.


A very unique rendition of a much-done idea. Love it.

Super Sweet Flashmob Proposal

A man takes his girlfriend and his family to the St. Louis zoo. As they’re standing around, Madonna’s <em>Crazy for You</em> starts blasting and the group of people gathered there suddenly burst into dance.

The woman has an idea of what’s happening and the sweetest thing about this video is how they’re both watching the dancers and wiping tears from their eyes.

It’s a sweet proposal, but the best part is that you know they’re totally in love…and that it’s already a YES.

A Vibrant Flashmob Proposal with a Personal Touch

Flashmob proposals are exciting and fun, but the best marriage proposals are the ones that cater to you and your wife-to-be’s unique style and taste. Like the one below.

This wedding proposal is not the typical flashmob proposal. There is a mob of dancers, but the guy takes it to the next level with his lip syncing, the dancing, the matching T-shirts, and little extras like the unicyclist and the text banners.

A great use of a flashmob to orchestrate an entire performance, totally customized to suit him and his wife-to-be’s unique style and sense of humor.

Romantic Times Square Surprise Flashmob Proposal

This marriage proposal gets major props for being so well-planned.

He takes his girlfriend to New York City and as they’re walking through Times Square, they receive a “random” flyer for a performance happening. The girlfriend is pretty much oblivious to everything, which makes it even better. They, of course, go and the boyfriend suddenly starts dancing – break dancing! This is a fantastic marriage proposal – you can tell the guy went through a lot of effort to coordinate and practice the dance moves. He’s soon joined by a whole troupe of dancers – including a little boy – and the show continues.

This flash mob proposal sticks out – he has someone in the audience hand his girlfriend a ear piece during the dance so he can tell her exactly how much she means to him and the dance performance ends with the dancers holding up placards that spell out “Will You Marry Me?”

Very cute.

A Man Surprises His Girlfriend by Jumping Into a Flashmob Dance Routine

Love the absolute surprise factor in this video. The boyfriend sets it up perfectly – just a flashmob happening when his girlfriend and her friends are walking down the street.

The unsuspecting girlfriend is standing back, smiling and enjoying the show…until her boyfriend suddenly jumps in to dance in perfect unison with the flashmob dancers. He’s a great dancer – but what’s even greater is the look on the girlfriend’s face. Her hand flies to her mouth in surprise and stays there pretty much the entire time in utter surprise, only moving away for a moment to reveal a huge smile as she nods “Yes”.

Who’s gonna say no to that?

Beautiful Surprise Flashmob Proposal in Central Park

Love how well this guy planned the whole thing.

His girlfriend is brought out to Central Park – where they first met – by a few of her girlfriends under the pretense of spending a day in the park. She’s perching on the fountain for a picture when a guy starts playing guitar. She looks over in surprise and the guitar player is soon joined by a violinist and several pairs of dancing couples.

The girlfriend is casually watching when the boyfriend swoops in and asks her to dance.

They start dancing and then the boyfriend gets down on one knee…and we all know how the story ends 🙂

Dancers AND a Marching Band?

A dancing troupe. A surprise gathering of family and friends. And a marching band.

They were just supposed to meet for lunch.

This flashmob proposal is one of the most elaborate, best-planned ones out there.

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