6 Best Internet Marriage Proposals to Ever Go Viral

A diamond may be forever but so is the Internet.

As many people have found out the hard way – through various social media blunders – once it’s online, it’s online for good.

The good news is you can always use that to your advantage to plan a marriage proposal that will be commemorated in Internet history. Here are some examples of the best 6 Internet marriage proposals EVER, in no particular order.

Best Internet Proposal #1. The Meme Proposal

Timothy Tiam sneaked up on his girlfriend Audrey Ling at Neroteca, a restaurant in Malaysia where she was having dinner with friends.

The reason for the interruption? He’d made several poster-sized printed memes all commemorating his love for her and his intent to marry. He started it off with the Socially Awkward Penguin and illustrated the rest of his proposal with classic Internet memes like Improssibru and the Y U NO Guy simply stating, “IF YOU LIKE IT, Y U NO PUT RING ON IT”

Watch the whole meme proposal here:

Best Internet Proposal #2. The Mashable Infographic Proposal

We always say the best marriage proposals are the ones custom-designed to fit the couple’s unique dynamic – and this one fits the bill perfectly.

When Drake Martinet decided to propose to the love of his life, Stacy Green – who also happens to be Mashable’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications, he decided to do it through the means that best displayed his personality and through a medium that she was familiar with – a Mashable Infographic.

Martinet created a unique Infographic that statistically analyzed how him and Stacy were indeed soulmates – with statistical figures embedded throughout.

Truly geeky, truly unique and – the perfect proposal for this couple.

best internet proposals

Best Internet Proposal #3. The First Live “Lip-Dub” Marriage Proposal Ever

This is not necessarily an Internet proposal, but since it’s been uploaded on YouTube, it’s gone viral getting over 3 million views in 3 days.

The man, Isaac Lamb, enlists over 60 of his friends and family to orchestrate a fun, casual, but very intimate lip-dub for his marriage proposal. His girlfriend is invited out by his brother – who asks her to sit in the back of the car, put on headphones and listen to a song. The car begins to drive slowly and people begin to appear, dancing and following the car.

This is such a sweet proposal for all the effort that went into making it – both by the groom-to-be and all the family and friends who love the couple.

Best Internet Proposal #4. Surprise Marriage Proposal by a Cracked.com Columnist

In case you don’t know what Cracked.com is, it’s a fantastic humor site with several regular columnists writing in their various unique tones on a variety of topics.

The site is hilarious – but the articles also have substance and you can usually learn a thing or two while laughing. As such, it’s one of our go-to humor sites for a quick pick-me-up so imagine our surprise when at the end of one of the articles…the columnist John Cheese asks his girlfriend to marry him.

It’s an awesome marriage proposal since throughout the whole article – 5 Ways You Know It’s Time to Get Married – is chronicling the writer’s past bad dating experiences while also highlighting what he loves about his then-girlfriend. He does quite a clever job of illustrating how much he loves his girlfriend while making it all just fit into the overall content of the article.

The article ends with:

She made me realize that there exists a commitment so deep that some people are willing to bind themselves to its vows even without a piece of paper and a preacher to walk you through them. And I feel the same way she does. I mean, when you boil it right down to the basics, I’m committed to never cheating on her. I already love her, and I always will — true, honest love isn’t something that just dries up one day. I will always take care of her, no matter what the circumstance. I’m prepared to spend the rest of my life with her …

… Oh. Well, I guess when I put it that way, I’m actually kind of surprised we aren’t already married by now. I can be kind of a dumbass from time to time.

Emily Clark, will you marry me?

Best Internet Proposal #5. The Lolcatz Proposal

Whatever you may think about a lolcatz proposal – you have to admit itz purty kyoot.

best internet proposals

The best part is that the recipient’s answer also arrived via lolcatz….this couple is truly meant for each other…

Best Internet Proposal #6. Juliewillyoumarry.me

To propose to his girlfriend Julie, a man named Jim created a website (yes, its url is http://juliewillyoumarry.me) and had an awesome illustrator create images for the whole history of their relationship together.

As you scroll down, you see how they met, how happy he’s been, all the quirks and happenings that’re unique to their relationship, everything he’s learned from being with her…and at the bottom of the page, there lies a marriage proposal in flashing colors.

By this time, you’re already convinced they’re going to be together no matter what.

Very cute, very unique marriage proposal.

See the site here.

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