An Oldie but a Goodie: 9 Classic Marriage Proposals that Withstand the Test of Time

Marriage proposals are a big show now. A lot of men try to re-invent the wheel with an over-the-top, brand spankin’ new most creative marriage proposal idea that will set off a new trend in future proposals.

So, why not be unique and go the other route with a classic proposal – an oldie but a goodie – that is simple, romantic, and has worked since the beginning of marriage proposal history. It may surprise you, but most women actually prefer something classic, traditional, and timeless. You just can’t go wrong with that.

Here are the top 9 classic marriage proposal ideas:

Ring in the dessert

Ah, just like the movies. Take her for a night out at her favorite restaurant and when the waiter brings out her favorite dessert, just try to make sure she doesn’t end up swallowing the ring that’s hidden in it.

Incorporate family and friends

Being serenaded by a flashmob of strangers is fun, but nothing beats the company and support of loved ones in such a meaningful moment. Arrange a get-together and invite all her family and friends to a local restaurant or your home and then when everyone’s gathered and having a great time, get down on one knee and do your thing!

Weekend getaway

Weekend getaways are simple and fun. There’s no need for a lot of advance planning but still plenty of excitement at the prospect of leaving it all behind for a few days. Arrange a fun weekend getaway for just the two of you and at the end of the trip – find a scenic spot to pull over in and “take pictures.”

Pop the question once you’re standing face-to-face in a gorgeous location.

At-home proposal

Transform her house into a beautiful love den. Surprise her by lining a path from the door to her bed with tiny candles, sprinkle rose petals all over her bed (make sure her sheets aren’t white), and have music playing softly in the background. Once she makes her way over, get down on one knee and propose.

Public proposal

Take her to a favorite venue or a restaurant with a live band. Bonus points if you can arrange to have a live band play at your favorite restaurant. Have the live band play her favorite songs while you order and settle in. Once your bottle of wine arrives, have the band launch into a song that’s meaningful for the both of you.

Either ask her to dance or have the band ask the restaurant guests to dance. At some point, have the band’s lead singer address your girlfriend and tell her that this evening has been planned for her ’cause you have something to ask.

Get down and pop the question.

Write it in the skies

Take your girlfriend for a day at the park, complete with comfy blanket to lounge on. As you’re lying under the skies, identifying cloud shapes, have a skywriter zoom by and spell out your proposal on high.

Another option is to hire a plane to fly a banner with your “Will you marry me, (insert name here)” message written on it.

Surprise birthday party

Birthdays are already special – plus, it’ll seem natural to have all her friends and family present for the big surprise. Plan a sweet and simple surprise birthday party and end it with an even bigger surprise – the proposal.

Bathtime duckie

Run a bath for your girlfriend with all the works – bubbles, wine, candles – and once she’s in the tub, feeling wonderful, come in and float a rubber duck towards her.

Of course, the duck will have a ring tied around its neck and a message written in waterproof marker: “Marry Me.” Point out that “Me” means you, not the duck.

Message in a bottle

Write a note asking your significant other to marry you, place it inside a bottle. Take her to the beach and when she is in the water, slip the bottle in and ask them to open it to see what it says.

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