Top 6 Most Creative Flashmob Proposals Ever

Flashmob proposals are an awesome way to propose, especially since there are so many ways you can do it.

Most of the flashmob proposals out there simply have the groom-to-be dancing with the hired flashmob. That’s a fun, romantic way to propose but it’s not the only way. A huge group of people helping with your marriage proposal adds a dynamic, exciting mix and you can use it in any way you choose.

Here are some examples of the most creative flashmob proposals ever done:

All the Works Flashmob Proposal

This wedding proposal is not the typical flashmob proposal. There is a mob of dancers, but the guy takes it to the next level with his lip syncing, the dancing, the matching T-shirts, and little extras like the unicyclist and the text banners.

A great use of a flashmob to orchestrate an entire performance, totally customized to him and his wife-to-be’s unique style.

Surprise Marching Band Flash Mob Proposal

In the above video, the groom-to-be hires not only a troupe of dancers, but an entire marching band to come in tooting what seems to be a song that’s significant for his wife-to-be. She starts tearing up as soon as the band comes in with their song.

As the song plays on, you see a member of the marching band come forward and take off his hat – turns out to be the groom-to-be, of course, and he proposes as she cries.

A creative and romantic way to make use of a whole group of talented people to awe your fiance.

Bouquet of Flowers Flashmob Proposal

The above flashmob is simple, elegant, and romantic. The man makes use of a flashmob, but not in the typical dancing way. He simply prepares a huge bouquet of flowers and has each one delivered to his girlfriend from total strangers.

He proposes once she’s holding the entire bouquet in her arms, to the thunderous applause of everyone who helped to bring it all together.

Subway Flashmob Proposal

This last one is brilliant for all its simplicity. The man targets an everyday location – the subway ride – as his proposal place, making sure that his wife-to-be never for a second suspects what’s about to happen. The proposal begins with a man beat-boxing into a microphone and the sound of one girl singing.

Soon, a couple people on the subway car are involved in the musical number, which is when the man pulls out the ring and gets down on one knee. Simple, beautiful, and totally memorable – it’s something she’ll think about every time she gets on a subway.

Disneyland Musical Surprise Proposal

We’ve seen a lot of marriage proposals – and this one takes the cake as the best musical proposal ever.

The man takes his girlfriend to Disneyland to the exact spot they first met. And with a megaphone he boldly announces to the crowd that he has something special to say to his girlfriend. He gets down on one knee and begins to propose…but someone from the crowd butts in and begins to sing…

This leads to the cutest musical proposal performance ever. Like we said, the best marriage proposals are the ones that take a couple’s unique relationship into account and this one does exactly that by popping the question in a place that’s very significant for them both…and upping the ante with a whole performance.

The Best Worst Marriage Proposal: Piss Your Girlfriend Off

In this strange surprise marriage proposal, the man chooses to worry and piss his girlfriend off before proposing. It works amazingly well – it’s a huge surprise and the fluctuations in emotion make it even more memorable….especially considering what follows.

The couple is sitting in a huge lobby when a random woman comes over, accuses the boyfriend of cheating, and throw water in his face. As the girlfriend is starting to break down from this new revelation of infidelity – two security guards come over and start interrogating the girlfriend about having thrown water in her boyfriend’s face.

A man who appears to be the establishment manager comes over and interrogates the poor crying girl even further while the security guards escort her boyfriend out to “get dry” somewhere.

Pretty soon, a security guard comes back to keep on interrogating the girl, asking her all sorts of questions about the relationship, such as whether she loves her boyfriend and if they love each other…and as he asks, he suddenly bursts into song.

With this cue, all the patrons sitting around start singing and dancing – including break dancers and choreographed dancing on the escalator.

But that’s not it – everything escalates. The woman is led outside where she’s confronted by dancing diner waiters and waitresses, theatrical fountain lighting, and dancers and performers absolutely everywhere.

The woman’s bawling by the time her boyfriend proposes.

But again – that’s not it. Once she accepts the proposal, he takes it one step further and proposes that they get married right then and there! He’s flown in her parents and all her best friends. A big party ensues and ends with the wedding.

Amazing marriage proposal + wedding.

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